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The Logo Design Process

Here's what you can expect from the entire process, from ordering through receiving the final files and project closure.

  1. Placing an order
    Obviously, the first step is to place an order, selecting your desired services from the order page.
  2. Creative Briefing
    Once you have placed your order, you need to let me know the details which allows me to do a good job, for logos, you can do that via the creative briefing file. For the other services, just let me know as needed.
  3. Order and Briefing Confirmation
    Once I received both the payment and the creative briefing file, I read it and ensure everything is clear. If I require clarifications, I will ask you accordingly. If everything is clear, I will acknowledge it in a message. From that moment, the turn-around timer starts.
  4. Receiving Your Drafts
    Within the allotted turn-around time, you will be receiving your drafts. At this point, if you are already satisfied with one of the drafts as final, then you can confirm and proceed to project closure.
  5. Feedback Rounds
    If the chosen draft require adjustments, you can do so by providing proper feedback. Once you provide me with your constructive feedback, I will go ahead and implement accordingly and get back to you within the allotted turn-around time.
  6. Approval of Final Design
    Once you are satisfied with the results, you must confirm the design as final, to which I will go ahead and prepare the final files. Here you can make a request for a particular file format if the standard  formats I provide do not suffice.
  7. Project Closure
    Once I prepare the final files, I send them to you and this closes the current project.

Have questions? Looking forward to working with you!