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Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at YPSON. I would like to make sure you have a rewarding experience while purchasing the services therefore please contact me if you need any clarification, I'm happy to assist.

Satisfaction Guarantee
The satisfaction guarantee covers all orders and it means I am making effort, in good faith, to ensure the customer satisfaction. It is the customer’s duty to provide meaningful, constructive and accurate feedback in order to enable me to provide you with satisfactory results. As long as you are on board, together with your patience, I am ready to ensure your satisfaction.

Refund Policy
Please keep in mind that nobody forces You and YPSON to enter this agreement, therefore it is entirely your responsibility if you have changed your mind, not satisfied (due to subjectively not liking the design work) or any variation thereof, including force majeure cases and abandonment (14a, Terms and Conditions), as long as I have provided with the ordered items as per your order within the specific timeframe. The portfolio stands for the kind of quality I provide, if you have any doubts and concerns please contact me so that I can clarify them.

Please understand that digital goods are represented by time investment and experience which by their nature cannot be returned therefore all payments are final and non refundable. However, under the satisfaction guarantee, shall I not reach a satisfactory resolution on your project, even with your proper feedback and good faith involvement, I can apply the amount towards another service of your choosing (as available on the order page). Such cases are rare as we're both interested to have satisfactory results. By engaging in a business relationship with YPSON and by placing an order, YPSON assumes that you fully understand and agree with this refund policy. Please contact me before ordering if you need any clarification.

Revised: Wednesday, March 09, 2022.