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White Label Logo Design

Integrate my logo design service with your current offerings, generating extra revenue. The designs ordered under the white label service never get displayed on my portfolio and I never contact your customers. You will be billing and communicating with your customers and best of all, you set your own pricing, I provide the design.

The service is available in the form of prepaid credits which you can then use to order the services available on the order page.

If you wish to sample the service before committing to a package, feel free to order the logo design service through the order page and add the "Private" option.

Available White Label Packages:
(All the packages include the Private white label fee of $100/order thus you are saving considerably in the long run, you would only order the logo itself.)

The credit system allows most flexibility, as some customers need only 1 draft while others need several drafts, thus you get to optimize your credits accordingly. Please contact me to discuss details, happy to make adjustments for your particular situation.

Looking forward to working with you!