Letter to Our Valued Customers

Alex Dragusin | March 14, 2018


Hello! This is Alex Dragusin, the founder of YPSON. Since the year of 2004, when I founded YPSON, the core principle was, and to this day still is, to provide value to our customers, to provide a good service focused on the needs of our customers which ultimately will help their business succeed. Beyond the obvious business side of it, there is an undeniable truth in the business world: a happy customer is a repeat customer. It is amazing how many businesses out there fail to grasp this simple concept while they eventually end in distress as the first sign of economic trouble.

Recently, I've been contacted by a customer whom I've worked with once 14 years ago, in the first year of YPSON's existence. The customer wanted to hire me for another job. This is significant in two ways. On one hand it shows that our service has made YPSON a long lasting and memorable experience and on the other hand, the fact that YPSON is still around after all this time, while countless similar sized businesses have come and go, particularly during the Great Recession and the following years.

The main reason why YPSON has not only survived but thrived during these various economic challenges is the valued customers whom I have worked with and have brought their return business even when lower priced options were available because my customers know that I will make sure the finalized design is satisfactory while dealing with the matter in a professional manner. This is how value works!

In most design businesses, the customer interacts either with some form of computerized self-service system or through an intermediary, who then takes the requests and forwards them to their in-house designer (for larger firms) or to an outsourced designer. This often leads to breakdown in communication which results in less than satisfactory results with the customer being frustrated and feeling treated like a number.

I hope none of you felt treated like a number during our collaboration.

At YPSON, I communicate with each customer directly, their concerns are going straight to me, unfiltered, and that allows for a smooth process, in most cases. Nothing is perfect and that includes YPSON. There have been a few instances in which the only acceptable outcome was a refund, either due to my inability to provide results up to the customer expectations or simple misunderstandings over the process.

Over the years, the hardest thing to master, was not making things personal. That is, to keep a professional attitude and not pass judgments on the customer's ideas or wishes and simply work with them. While I have come to master this pretty good by now, on the customer side it is still a problem sometimes, as some customers are not accustomed to deal professionally when things are not going their own way, which can easily happen when a draft does not resemble what their had in mind, in most cases that happens due to miscommunication and failure to understand that I am not a mind reader, thus in most cases it is an iterative process which involves proper feedback. It takes two to tango and this is no different.

It's been great 14 years and looking forward for more to come. You, the valued customers of YPSON have made this possible. I am so lucky to have you, I thank you sincerely and please kindly bare with me if at times things seem to be more complicated than they are, I assure you that my interest is to create great brand design as the foundation for your business future; because when your brand is a success, YPSON is a success too!

March 14, 2018
Alex Dragusin