Designing Your Logo

Ypson Team | June 20, 2017

You just finished the checkout process and now wonder what happens next, how does Ypson get from the information supplied through the Creative Briefing file to the nice beautiful logo that will make your brand?

Once we have received your order, we take a first pass at the briefing to see if we have enough information to get started. If everything is alright, we acknowledge the order and start the turn-around timer. At Ypson we really keep our word in terms of turn-around time and always meet our deadlines because we know you reply on us to get things done in time.

At this time we get into it more deeply into the research stage where we learn as much as possible on the subject and looking to find something unique that delivers the right message.  We are carefully analyzing your business to understand what sets it apart and focus on that in the logo design. This is where the knowledge and experience of Alex Dragusin, our lead designer, comes into play as he is able to quickly prototype various designs and objectively test them against the research and target market data.

This stage takes most of the project's time, over 90% actually because the key behind the logo design is the idea. Once a design is zeroed in, the implementation stage takes Alex to his Xara Designer Pro software where the magic comes to life as a logo design draft which you would review and end up rejecting, accepting or further tweaking. You can see how your effective feedback is very important as the success of the project depends on our collective efforts.

Great imagination coupled with sound design principles are at work to create a great logo design which can help your branding efforts greatly. Don't forget that a logo design alone does not make not make a brand but the collective efforts put towards a brand. We will discuss that in other post.