White Label Logo Design

Ypson Team | February 10, 2018

At Ypson, we are helping various companies to offer logo design service to their customers through Ypson's White Label Logo Design service.  Expand the service offering of your company while turn a profit providing great service to your customers, a win-win.

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Same Day Logo Design

Ypson Team | June 25, 2017

Some of our customers are in a rush to get a logo design done, sometimes that happens when they don't need something very fancy or they have a deadline to meet on one of their projects. There are cases when other designers have let them down and they are looking for someone to get the job done quickly.

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Designing Your Logo

Ypson Team | June 20, 2017

You just finished the checkout process and now wonder what happens next, how does Ypson get from the information supplied through the Creative Briefing file to the nice beautiful logo that will make your brand?

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Licensed software and customers

Ypson Team | June 10, 2017

As an Ypson customer, you get the real deal. We’re here for more than just killing time on a week-end to make a quick buck. Ypson is a full time service and as such, employs licensed software, Xara Designer Pro. How does our licensed software affect you, the customer?

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How to Provide Proper Feedback

Ypson Team | May 27, 2017

For the success of a project, is important to understand that your designer is not a mind reader. We are working with you, not against you. Keeping these in mind, your feedback could improve significantly. When you receive the draft(s) from us, you might either feel angry or happy. In either case, if feedback is necessary, please follow these simple tips for proper feedback.

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