Dustin Cisneros

Ypson is by far the best logo designer one can ask for! Ypson over-delivered with our logo, and designed exactly what we had envisioned. A professional yet stunning logo. If you're looking for a logo designer, trust Ypson for your next project - they will not let you down. Thank You from the entire RackNerd team!


Highly recommended! Communications with Alex have always been fast, clear and concise. Very happy with the service from Ypson! (Ethernet Servers)

David B. Gestion DBI

We recently hire Alex to perform a re-branding of our company and the only thing I can say..... Wow! - Fast and professional work - Courteous and prompt responses - Good pricing! In resume, if you are looking for a good designer, you won't regret to work with Alex! Thanks again!


Great job Alex (ypson)!Indeed, you are friendly, professional and excellentin what you do. God bless you bro.:)


Got to love Alex's work just got another logo from them and love it :D my forth one haha. I can't recommend Alex enough to my mates and customers who ask where we got our logo from.


It's been some years since I first found Alex here on WHT and ever since he has been a trustful partner and excellent mind reader when it comes to expressing in design the complicated and sometimes foolishly described ideas I had.Nevertheless, he performed extraordinary talents and delivered every time a stunning quality.I strongly recommend Alex if you start a new identity or are in need of altering the existing one.Expect many questions, as this is a sign of maturity and shows his skills of trying to get all possible angles for the brief, before starting working on the project.Thanks Alex for some great years and a trusty partnership!


Found Ypson here on WHT, got a logo done. Fast and professional. Keep up the good work.


Indeed, one of the best designer I've worked with for logos.


We just received our logo and stationery items from Alex, we could never be happier with the quality, speedy, politeness, amazing service that I had.


Alex was quick and courteous! Designs came out great!

EN KelvinChia

Alex was quick and professional and able to deliver the desired concept we required. - Recommended!


I just wanted to post my sincere thanks to Alex for developing an absolutely amazing logo for a new business venture. I provided as much information as I could to help Alex design some fantastic logo's, including what I expected the logo to look like and what type of message I wanted it to convey to potential clients.Alex did not disappoint. His first two concepts were right on the money and incorporated all of my requests and expectations. He even took a screen shot of my website design and added the logo's in so that I could preview them in the design. His communication was great and I received the final files within the promised turn-around time.Thank you very much Alex, I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

seg fault

I can vouch for ypson, I have had about 10 logo's done with him, always impressive.Thanks Alex!


Just wanted to pop in here real quick and say that I've recently gotten two more logos done from Ypson for a couple side business and projects I'm a part of.Completely different industries, completely different style requirements for both of them. Yet Ypson delivers amazingly.Alex is absolutely great to work with, a real professional by all definitions of the word.Absolutely recommended. He can do it all.


Alex work is amazing, I thought I'd finally write a small review as I only tweeted him after the design.I love his work he did our logo within 24hours. I really love the professionalism he has and the outcome was worth the money. He also did a Avatar for us free. I recommend everyone who asks for a logo to use Alex.Our logo is in use still and will be for a while. If I need a new logo I know where to go. If you want a amazing brand image use Alex. You won't regret it.


I wanted to thanks Alex for his awesome work, professionalism and talent. I needed a logo for something very different than a business venture. Logo that would invite and intrigue enough to click on it.I send Alex an email first expressing my ideas. He wrote back and not only corrected them, but enhanced the original idea with his expertise and experience. After exchanging few emails I finally made an order.Alex work is amazing. He blew me away not only with his logo design, but also with the design of a business card. Thanks Alex for that extra touch on that one:) That was absolutely fantastic. I will be recommending You to everyone.


This is my 3rd order. This time i want 4 logos with 2 Concepts so looking for offer for it


After reading through this thread a couple of days ago, I asked Alex (with whom I had no experience) to design a custom Twitter background and header. The result is a page the folks within the organization are very proud to announce to the world. Although we're a NP group and not a business, we are no less keen on the image we project, and Alex captured ours better than what we could have hoped--and with a high degree of professionalism and promptness.We're not yet ready to go "live" with the Twitter page, but anyone wishing to see it may message me through WHT for the URL.Alex: Thanks again--and I'll be calling on you again!TF


I contacted Alex a few days ago to have yet another logo designed. This will be the third logo Alex has designed for me. He responded incredibly quickly to my emails as usual and delivered the completed logo to my inbox within the promised turn-around time. The logo not only met all of my design requirements, but exceeded my expectations.I don't know who I would turn to for logo designs if Alex wasn't available. His customer service and quality of work is second to none.Thank you Alex, it was great to work with you again!


I have got my new logo finished by Alex recently and I am satisfied with his work. I recommend him for anyone looking for a professional logo designer.


I just wanted to post an update here for Alex as I still continue to use him. Personally, I've probably gotten what feels like 10 logos from him. I've also referred a handful of people to him directly and every single interaction has been nothing short of pleasant.Don't think twice when looking to get a logo designed. If you want quality and server, Ypson is definitely the place. Once of the few service providers I don't mind paying up front with a sense of peace of mind that nobody else really provides.


I now seem to have gotten to a point with Alex where I order logos for fun. Just to see what he comes up with. Brilliant designs.As always, thanks Alex.


Ypson is a great service and is offering excellent products for its prices, they also maintain professionalism at alltimes.


Alex knows his stuff. In addition to being amazing at what he does, he exceeded my expectations when it comes to turn-around time and professionalism.


Hello All,Ypson is one of the best logo/business name design companies that I have ever come across.This is the second time I have purchased services from Ypson and can say the Service seems to get better and better.This time around I got 2 Logo Designs with 2 concepts and a Business Name and Domain Name suggestions. Now because I reside in Australia Ypson search through Government resources and other State resources just to make sure the domain names/business names where applicable and suitable. On-top of that they also provided quite a few good names with a fantastic choice. All of this was done within a 3-4 days of handing in the Design Concept.So what more could I say, if you want professional service with some of the best response times I have ever seen from any professional with time frames that not once were broken then I highly suggest Ypson.RegardsRobert


Just got another three logos done from Alex (Ypson). He has exceeded our expectations once again in creating compelling logos to meet our needs. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any logo design!


We may be competitors in logo design, but we consider ypson as a friend and partner in providing design. We recommend him for corporate logo design and other logo type you may need. :)


Awesome service! Would definitely recommend and use again for logo design.


I have only two things 1) regret that I didn't spot Alex since the first place, 2) I am very very happy and excited for what he has done for me so far (logo and profile picture)! :gthumb:I ordered 1 logo concept and followed by 1 profile picture, 1 Twitter header and 1 Facebook cover after witnessing his design quality. With logo concept, you get unlimited revision. But in fact, you do not even need more than 5 revision with Alex's professionalism. Maybe I was being cooperative and provided enough details I don't know :stickoutI've had many logos done in the past (for my personal sites), none of the designers can be compared to Alex, none of them honestly. How I wish I could redo all my logos or even better found Alex since years ago.When I asked about Licensecart's logo, Mike referred me to Alex. I sent in an email asking if it's possible to modify my existing HostPride's logo or be best to do a new one, not too surprise, the answer was to do a new one, I agreed. (and never regret about it!)Unlike my previous logo designer, Alex keeps in touch with you very closely and updates you with every changes in an extremely timely manner (oh my previous logo designer went missing for weeks almost every time I asked for a logo design, only if you can image how patient I was with him at that point :crazy:). All I feel now is, I was so stupid working with the previous designer. Alex it's all your fault! :DNow that the logo is done, and the profile image is done. I am a perfectionist (fussy in another meaning :P), but Alex was able to cater to my needs in only about 10 emails, imagine that! We are currently working towards the Twitter header and Facebook cover. Needless to say, I will be satisfied as well!Oh, Alex is a friendly guy! I love working with friendly person. This really improves the communication. Thank you very much. We will continue in emails. Have a nice day! :)


I just wanted to post a follow up.Alex has been absolutely terrific in every way:- Communication: 10/10- Creativeness: 10/10- Timeliness/Dependability: 10/10- Competitively priced: 10/10- Attention to detail: 10/10He's already completed multiple projects for me, and he will definitely be my preferred choice for future work as well.Highly recommended!Mike


Definitely by far the best logo to date. Highly recommended.


Top quality work from Alex, Highly recommend! Hes designed our logo, avatars, flyers, letter heads, Business cards, And i'm sure he'll have some more work from us in the future :)Many thanks Alex!


Just got another logo from Ypson. Solid work, and unbelievably fast. Don't think twice. Alex knows exactly what you want and has a ridiculous talent for putting it down on the canvas. Extremely professional attitude as well.I will not ever go anywhere else.The business card he made was also extremely quality work.


I have hired Alex for a Logo Design.I have to say that his job was impressive, he was really very compromised with it. He was allways suggesting ideas to make the logo look better.I know that there are some logo designers around that offers you logo designing for a lower price than Alex, but im SURE that they wont match Alex's creativity, reliability and kindness.Thanks for everything, Alex! :D


I just wanted to post here and say that I recently purchased Alex's logo design service for my website and I am extremely satisfied with the results.I gave him only the foggiest idea of where to start, but Alex got the drafts to me within a couple of days and the logo that I selected was perfect from the word go - no revisions necessary. I have not yet launched the site, but I have shown the logo to a lot of people and everyone that sees it loves it.


Alex it appears you never need your boots shined since everyone is always kissing them and rightfully so!I love your work and I am building our entire brand around your logo and we just converted the flyer you designed into a $1000/mo yellow page ad with great results so far. the business cards, logo, flyer have all gotten some jaw drops in our circle of other professionals. It has really helped define our company and can take us to a whole new level of professionalism.we have been in business since 1958 but never have done what we are doing now, thanks to your new perspectivethanks again!Reed

Jamie Harrop

I've just had Alex complete a logo for me. His professionalism and turnaround time were excellent, as was his design skillset. He's a true gentleman, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Alex!

Johnny D

Alex is great to work with, I've had him design 2 logos for me so far and will definitely hire him again, for any future projects.


Just got my logo from ypson. Let me tell you...it's amazing! I am 100% satisfied with this logo and I recommend ypson to anyone who needs a logo. He replies back to my e-mails within minutes and got my work done in barely over 24 hours. Great guy! :)


Please if you may, let me add one thing about ypson. If anyone new is going to come and purchase a logo off Alex, PLEASE be sure to provide him GOOD feedback if you like it or not. The initial concept my scare you a little, but NO WORRIES, take my word because it WILL get A LOT better. Just provide the feedback and you will have the professional corporate logo you paid for.thanks again ypson :)


Our company just went with Ypson's service. Alex was great to work with, the final product looks great and the turnaround time was fast. He was very fast about getting back to us with revisions which is awesome.


Got my new logo from Ypson 30 minutes ago and I love it!


Alex just finished a logo for one of our upcoming products. Went for 2 concepts + 3 revisions. Both concepts were usable in their initial form and after 2 revisions I e-mailed him the logo was perfect. Process was simple, smooth and quick. We'll be using his services again in the near future.


Also wanted to quickly say how impressed I was with Alex and his work. The concepts were amazing by themselves and if I could I'd take both of the concepts. They were really well done and finished in a timely manner and he always kept the lines of communication open. I definitely recommend his services and look forward to doing business with him again.


Good work, thanks!


Alex continues to impress me...I can't wait until we work again.


Great work Alex and thank you for your services!


I can say that ypson is the best. He made my logo and business card and etc all in 3 days time, completed. He did a fantastic job as well. Could not have asked for better.

TMI - Kirill

I would also like to vouch for ypson. Mugurel's designs arrived promptly, and he had no problems envisioning what I wanted. The quality of the work was excellent. I received original logo, business card, envelope and letterhead designs with source files for a mere fraction of the price I would have to pay a big-name design firm. I'm not the one to quickly offer testimonials, but ypson's high standards, professionalism and prices easily make it one of the best places to get your original designs.Edit: Mugurel, feel free to use this testimonial for any kind of promotional purposes and thanks again for the designs!


I'll add my recommendation as well. The logo was delivered right when he said it would be, and it fit what I needed to do exactly.


Just got a new logo from Alex. Work was quick, the initial concepts were great, and very happy with the end result!


Highly recommended prefect services


Great service, product!I would recommend


Great Work


I would also like to recommend Alex/Ypsons work.He has done 2 different jobs for me with total satisfaction.He's also very easy to work with even if you are a techie/network engineer like me.I will hire him again when the need arises.Best regards,Chris


Amazing! After struggling with designing my own logo and being turned off by the ridiculous prices that people charge, I was finally referred to Ypson. Amazingly fast and created exactly what I couldn't! The form that he requests to get to know more about you/the company makes it so your logo reflects exactly what you are looking for. Couldn't be happier. I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone!


Fantastic work! Excellent communication, quick turnaround time and great design. I will definitely be using your services again :)


I've just got the final logo's sent to me and all i can say is wow!!! Honestly they are AWESOME and he also has a very fast turn around. I'll definitely be coming back for more!!Thanks so much :)

Dave W

Great service, product!I would recommend


Highly recommended.

Dustin Cisneros

Just got my logo today less than 48 hr's and it was a pleasure working with Alex he is very prompt and goes above and beyond if you are looking for a logo designer dont look any further.Once again Alex thanks for all your help.


What a fantastic service! Product was produced within 48 hours, as promised. Quick, efficient, and QUALITY service. Tremendous job!-Jim


Truly an excellent logo designer. Their 'a la carte' system is easy to use, and you only choose the options you need. They get back to you within a matter of minutes and begin your design. Alex was very nice throughout the whole process, and quickly returned my concepts and revisions. Well worth the money, A+ across the board.


Great communication and awesome quality. Highly recommended!


I've had Alex work on about 3 - 4 logos for me, and he never disappoints.He's also VERY easy guys to deal with, always available, and willing to work.Love this guys enthusiasm and highly recommend him ! :)


I just finished dealing with Alex and I definitively recommend him. Great services and, important, understanding boy.


Nice work bro!


We recently hired ypson for a logo redesign on one of our sites. We paid for the rush service and our logo was completed within 24 hours. Within the first 12 hours we had multiple concepts to choose from and Alex was quick to process our requested changes. Great Work.


Was recommended to him by a friend. I had a logo and business card made for my company. I am fully satisfied with the work he has done. He responds quickly to emails, so he's got a great service going here. Will recommend him to any people I meet who need a logo to be made.


Sent payment to Ypson along with a design brief 4 days ago and have heard NOTHING back. Not one email, not one logo.... VERY disappointed.


It would seem that the old spam filters trick me again. My logos were sent very soon after I placed my order, if only I didn't have a spam filter :)Sorry Ypson!Edit: There of fantastic quality btw!


Just got my completed logo design and I must say, it is amazing! The attention to detail Alex has displayed is astounding. I would highly recommend him to any company in need of a fresh new logo.Thank you very much for your time and effort Alex. I really do appreciate it.

Neva Digital

Extremely happy with the work done by Alex, we previously paid a designer to do some work for us two weeks ago, but nothing was done. As it was getting rather urgent, we paid for Alex's priority service.He got the work done quickly, and I am extremely happy with the result :)!


Placed my order and got 2 concepts very quickly and chose one of those right away (no revisions needed) - the service from Ypson is outstanding. I originally tried making my own logo and even went on to try one of the 'logo competition' sites - all to no avail. Thanks for great service.


Just got my final design from Alex and I was definitely impressed. The design was for a personal blog and i know I didn't give him much help for ideas but was very satisfied with what he came back to me with.Thanks again.


Excellent service. Fabulous designs! HIGH RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE.The quality and professionalism of the logo will be worth every penny.


Amazing portfolio..Just love your work!

Dustin Cisneros

Ordered another one! I look forward into the design also i love your new site design :agree:

Dustin Cisneros

Ypson,Thanks for the logo! I will be back for sure, i love your work.. Its exactly what i expected.For anyone who is interested in a logo look no further than ypson.com They are simply amazing!


Had a great experience dealing with Alex for some logo designs. He first contacted us within 24 hrs and throughout the design process, was always quick to respond and pleasant dealing with him. He constantly incorporated the feedback we provided to improve the design quality. Would highly recommend him.


I just wanted to come in here and say that you can't go wrong with Ypson. Alex has had great communication with us in all of our dealings, very quick turnaround times that have exceeded our expectations and very fair pricing.If you are stuck on which designer to choose with all the different choices, don't think about it, just go with Ypson.


I just had Alex design my logo and he was very efficient and helpful.I love the logo design that he has made for me and would recommend him to anyone needing a logo.


Just had a logo designed - happy with it.

John D

I would like to say I got a logo from ypson and was very impressed with the quality and service.Highly recommended :)


One word: Wow!I just wanted to say that in only 1 hour time it isabundantly clearthat Alex knows exactly what he is doing and is on top of his game,AAA++so far with the attention to detail.His initial questionnaire is top notch and I definitely feel like he will design some great logos for me :)Thx Alex!Mike


I've just used this guy to create a logo, letterhead, business cards, compliment slips and a magazine add. He's incredibly professional, efficient and creative. He is also very fair with his pricing.I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I've used a few people on WHT to create things before, and Ypson is by far the best and I know I will use him in the future.


Hi all.:))Mugurel build for me my new logo ,business card and letterhead. He did a great job , very quick and as real proffesional.I am amazed with the results . The price is unique if you compare it with the result..ypson.com is my list now for all feuture logo designs .:)Thanks Mugurel :)GeorgiosAthensHellas


I emailed Mugurel on Thursday afternoon about a logo and by late Thursday night I had eactly what I needed.Thanks for the great work.Regards,Alvin Slocombe


We purchased one yesterday afternoon and received it first thing this morning. He envisioned what we needed perfectly and delivered. Very quick turn around in my experience and the work is A+ quality. I hope to do business with you again in the future.On another note the logo we needed wasn't even hosting related(for a music/record production company), so good work on the versatility, so many designers stick with one style(or several similar styles if you must), it's great to see someone that can switch it up.


This bloke has the fastest turnaround time of any designer we have ever used and his rates are great.11 out of 10 for his work. Highly reccomended.


I just got Mugurel to do me a logo. Done a great job. I ended up stopping him form finishing it though because I'm a perfectionist and would be a while asking for the tiniest of changes, which he IS MORE THAN CAPABLE of doing. But the other GREAT thing is he done it for nothing (for a charity) and I felt guilty of using too much of his time.You guys have no idea how picky I can be, so I thought, save his time, get to a good stage and then finish it myself. Only because it's impossible to let someone else see the image you have in your head, and I want it EXACTLY the same as in my head.


Mugurel took an idea for a logo and made something even better. Would recommend working with him to anyone.

John D

Just got a logo and stationary set designed by Mugurel.Great work and he kept going until I was completely happy with his work.I would highly recommend him for professional quality work with a professional attitude towards customers.

123 Logo Design

Ive had 2 Logo's with PSD's from ypson.com that I am extremely happy with! I would recommend them to anyone.


After a few days with working with Mugurel, we finally got our logo and other work done. Not only was he patient with all the changes requested, but he got them done quickly. I would recommend him to anyone, you can't go wrong.


After reading the testimonials in this thread we decided to take a shot at this. We talked to Mugurel and had him make a high tech logo for our hosting to use on our Website, advertisments and soon to be stationary. After 3 revisions he had made us the perfect logo.A special thanks to Mugurel on our logo and will be in touch shortly to have the stationary plans drawn up.


I used Mugurel for design of my logo's, letterhead, and business cards and was impressed with the quality of material he provided as well as how quickly he was able to accomplish it all for me!!I will definitly be using him again for all of my graphic design needs!!


Great logo, great service.We will certainly be coming back to Mugurel again.Thanks!Sam


Mugurel created a pre-release page to put up on my site before the final version was completed.The look and feel of that page adhered to my future design, yet did not give away too much. I am happy with the final result and would recomment Mugurel to anyone in the same situation.


Mugurel also just did a few concepts for vachirocenter.com (my sister) and she's thrilled. Again, another great job.


Most Amazing Experience!!Highly... I Mean... Highly RecommendedToo My Vision And Made It Better


Really not sure if I want to leave a recommendation...I want Mugurel all to myself :) I will definitely be using him for my future clients work. He just made the process so easy.Thanks Mugurel, I will speak soon.Alan Johnston


I ordered my logo from them about two days ago, and after the revisions, the end results looked awesome! Great work Ypson!I look forward to doing business with them again!


I recently had a logo done. I absolutely love it. It was done in about 3-4 hours. I will be using them again.


I spoke to this gentleman via MSN at about 6 PM on Christmas Eve with a desperate plea to have a couple of images done for my site's planned Christmas Day relaunching. At 7:30 PM, 90 minutes later, he had created and sent images then went beyond my expectations.I will most definitely use this gentleman's services again, and I would reccomend him to absolutely anyone.


ypson offer good service and he is an nice man!! :gthumb:


We had logo from Mugurel and we very happy with. We had a problem with Xoom payment, but problem solved within a minutes by making Egold payment. Logo done within a short time and we are fully satisfied now. I would like recommend Mugurel as very professional and very friendly designer.


I just want to thank Mugurel for the excellent Logo he made for our company. Very talented and patient person. He delivered the first proposal within hours of payment and completed all of our requests and the logo itself in just 48 hours.


Hello!Mugurel just completed a scripting job for me within a 15-20 minute timespan.I recieved exactly what I requested at a reasonable price.Thank you Mugurel for the excellent, fast work.Regards,Ed


Absolute great work! I just had basic ideas and he really turned it around for me and make them come to life. Extremely thankful for his time, communication and very affordable price. I would highly recommend time and time again.


Man...I've already had 2 things done by him before.. I had my 3rd/4th logo done by ypson today... Damn impressive how they looked & the turn around time was even better. He performed revisions without question. I was such a bugger and he obliged without hesitation! If anyone needs a logo done, definitely contact ypson.com.As you can see, I was blown away so much that I had to include this guy in my sig to show my appreciation!


Mugurel is a great designer! He worked with me until I was completely satisfied, even though I had some trouble with payment via Xoom. I received a sample within 24 hours, and a finished product in 48 hours. The logo turned out great and I definitely plan on ordering again in the near future!


I had a logo, and a set of banners done. All of the work was top notch, and customer service was excellent!Very impressed, and worth the money!Highly recommendable!


I recently had the pleasure to work with these guys. They are GREAT.First off, Aingaran Thirunadarajah was very helpful getting everything setup and ready to start the logo design process. Then Mugurel Dragusin was very quick and responsive as my designer.This was my first logo, and I must say it was a little hecktick (me not know what I wanted). But Mugurel Dragusin was very kind, curtious and prompt with my revisions. They did everything we asked for and more, we could not be happier.Thank you guys so much for your great work.Miles

R. Solutions

Yea He has nice work and ^ congrats on your new logo.Keep it up Ypson./


As a designer and graphic artist myself, I needed someone to give me a hand with a certain project. The catch was it needed to be done within hours, minutes really. I was contacted very professionally, and his work was not only fast, but it was great quality.He's at the top of my list of sub-contractors to use when I need help from now on.A really friendly guy too, great to converse with.


Amazing work!Worked with me, and delivered exactly what I was looking for.Thank you very much Mugurel; I will be sure to use you again in the future!

W4 Hosting

Best think about ypson, get Job done fast and understand what clinets needs are. I would like to say Thankx .


I have had some work completed by ypson a bit ago. I originally contacted him, I told him everything I needed, and development started very quickly. Not only was the work impressive, it was in an excellent timely manner. And all this at a very reasonable rate. Ypson definitely gets an A+ in my book, and I highly encourage anyone who needs a logo or something of the sort completed, contact ypson and you'll be impressed!


ypson does some excellent work! We had a logo we've been using for years but we couldn't find the originals. We needed to print the design on new business cards and the image was distorted everytime we increased the size. Ypson was the only one out of many that was able to recreate the logo, it looks identical to the initial design, and now we can increase the size to be as large as we'd like without losing resolution/clarity!Thank you, ypson!


Ypson provided me with an excellent logo. I gave him a very vague starting point and through several quick iterations I now have business cards and letterhead that I'm very pleased with. I keep opening the file just to look at it!The whole process went very quickly.


I recently hired Mugurel to create a logo for a new site. He did a great job and I hired him for another logo for another project. Job well done again. He's a really good guy and is always willing to work with you until you're satisfied. Good stuff. :agree:I have already refered him to others who have placed orders with him, and I will continue to do so. Happy to send him new business.Vito NOTE: Since Vito has passed away, we would like to express our condolences, we are deeply sadenned by such early departure from this world :( Thank you for your business and may you rest in peace!


He did a great job on my logo, I'll be using him again!


I've hired Mugurel for a logo design, and he did the work in 48 hours, I couldnt be happier with his professional and that fast.I'd recommend him for any logo/graphic work you need in a great time manner and affordable prices.Thank you Mugurel :)


Could not be more happy with the service i received, they we more then willing to go the extra mile to ensure I was happy with the product they delivered me.With out a doubt the best experience I have had with a designer!


I've been working with Mugurel for all of my imaging needs for almost a year now; hundreds of logos, promotional sticker design, brochures, full site design...the list goes on.I cannot recommend Mugurel and Yspon enough, my business would not be where it is if it weren't for his outstanding work.


I opted to use ypson.com first after seeing his prices (which attracted my attention) and I then decided to hire him after browsing his portfolio.The work he offers is of extremely high quality and the service he offers is even better. All updates were completed within 24 hours along with more than I expected each time.I am definitely going to be using ypson.com again.


Thank you very much Mugurel!I recently placed an order for a logo, letterhead and 2 business cards. I can be fussy with the design, but Mugurel was extremely patient, reliable and understanding when I needed to alter the design. I am very impressed with the quality of work and for the price I paid, I could not be happier. My project spanned a couple of weeks and Mugurel was in frequent contact with me, whilst making some revisions to the work. Mugurel comes highly recommended for any graphic work.


I recently ordered a logo design from Mugurel. My concept sounded simple, but it proved to be tricky to get right. Not only was Mugurel very prompt in producing extra concepts for me, he did them in an extremely timely manner. His concepts showed a lot of flexibility in thinking - they don't look as if Mugurel had only 1 idea of how to do my logo. He was able to approach the work from several different angles.Sufficient to say, I am a happy customer, and will not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for quality logo designs!


I couldn't figure out what to do for a logo so I emailed Mugurel some scattered thoughts. He sorted through them and produced a very nice, professional looking logo. Excellent work, especially for the price. He will get first shot at any future design work.


Mugurel have done great job for me, I did accepted first design with no changes.I can't believe it took me so long to find someone like him.Grate service mate, will spread the word!ThanksPeter


I have had 3 seperate business card designs done & they are all fantastic ! Highly recommended !


First let me start by saying I have had some really tough customers that needed logos. Problems included customers dragging their feet on drafts and not even having the slightest idea of what they wanted for logo. The important part is how ypson handled everything. Even though the design process clearly took much longer than it should have yspon was professional throughout. Working with the customers on my end was hard but yspon made it as easy as possible. On top of the excellent customer service he really makes great logos at a unbeatable price. I would highly recommend you use yspon for your logo projects for quailty work at exceptional prices.


Hi , i Just had a Logo made from ypson and i have to say the logos were very proffesional ,and i would also like to add that this gentlamn is curteous and nice to deal with.If i need any more Logos or artwork I will defo be returning to this gentlamn.good job!tq


I've just had ypson design a second logo for myself.It's been 9 months since I last hired ypson.com and his work is still of high quality and he still provides a fast turnaround.


ypson.com just finished a logo for me today. Very immpressed with their speed of work and pricing. Will use again for logo design in furture. :agree:


I have no other words to express my experience with ypson but fast, great, helpful and professional. My client is 100% satisfied.Marty


Great services performed. I have contacted Mugurel for a logo for one of our clients. They had a draft and needed touch up. Later, he offered an idea of his own and turned out to be loved by client. I will always get back to him for more orders at any time. He will be our main provider for graphic work from now on.


Just finished our new logo, letterhead, and business card. There are no words to describe how impressed I am on the level of service, flexibility and quality of work. It all looks great. I must say I am very impressed. If I ever need another logo designed I won't think twice about who to see! At my request, even included the Pantone color codes that they used so I could have the business cards printed to specifications and the colors would not be off.They seemed to read my mind of what I wanted the logo to look like, but at the same time surprised me with something unique and quite different.Overall experience was awesome, I will be a returning customer.10/10


ypson did a good job with one logo. He delivert it in less than 1 day. Highly recommended.


Mugurel, thanks for the going the extra mile on with our logo. Your turn around time on the revisions was amazing!


I commend Mugurel for his great work. Very prompt and professional!