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One Hour Logo Design

Get a great logo designed in just an hour. My ability to quickly come up with ideas and concepts allows me to provide a special service with high degree of quality given the time constraints, designing of a custom logo in one hour. Designed completely from scratch, best in the business.

This particular service is suitable for cases such as meeting a specific project deadline or when an existing designer has failed to provide a result yet you are launching and other urgent situations in which business could be at stake or maybe because you just don't like to wait.

Here are some of the designs I've done under the One Hour Logo option:

IMPORTANT: Since the One Hour Logo Design service is time sensitive, before you decide to order, please kindly message me to check my availability. If I don't reply within about 10 minutes, it means I am not at my desk, therefore not available for the 1hr service.

Once you place your order, the 1hr timer starts from the moment I receive both the payment and the creative briefing file.

Looking forward to working with you!