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Design Consultation Service

Gather a better perspective on your website design, logo design, a physical product's design or other designed items, you can hire me to provide a professional design review and improvement suggestions.

This service is concluded with an actual visual report generated as a PDF with the suggestions represented visually.

Typically, my review covers:

The final PDF typically includes:

My experience of over 20 years during which I have worked with thousands of customers, qualifies me to provide valuable insight. If you wish to avail of my design consultation service, please kindly contact me and let me know what you need reviewed and other pertinent information. I will then get back to you with a no obligation quote. Generally, the rates start at $200.

Through this service I provide consultation, all the details in the report represent a consultation and not an implementation contract/obligation. Therefore, design implementation of the suggestions is not included in this service.

For any actual design work to be carried out, a separate agreement and order has to be done either with me or with another designer of your choosing. Ordering my service does not carry any obligation to work with me on the actual designs, the choice is yours and I respect that.

Looking forward to working with you!